Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Crazy Weather

Crazy weather. Crazy even for New England. Spring floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, more flooding and coming up.....more torrential rain from another hurricane to add to bad conditions. Roads that will never be fixed in time for winter. Roads that don't exist any longer because the Green River, for one, decided to re-route itself. Fertile riverbank fields now ruined because of silt and sewage. Houses, covered bridges, quilt shops either picked up and moved by the water or destroyed.
We've watched video after video, or gone directly to the devastation to gawp and shake our heads. Wow.
My area was lucky. This time. We've had plenty of rain but my cellar is dry. My trees are standing. I have relatives that did not fair so well. They'll pull it together and continue living their lives.

Knitting has been small. Small as in for tiny folks. We have brand spanking new twins to knit for. All other projects have been put on hold. I'm trying to perfect my basic pattern for smaller dimensions. Getting there but still in the knit & frog stage. They were a bit early on arrival but as all parents know, the children ARE in charge and this is their way of letting us know.

So I'll knit and wait for the next weather disaster.

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