Monday, August 22, 2011

When You Have a Bad Weekend (Make that two)

 When you have four new tires put on your car and three days later you hear a horrible noise, you take it to the garage. They replace the brake drums that are original to your 15 year old car.
 You go off on your merry way. On the following weekend, you tootle around here and there. You get ready to go back to work on Monday and backing out of your driveway you hear, "THump, THump.
 One of your new tires with a new brake drum is FLAT.
 You call for auto service and inform them that you have TWO service calls. One for your flat, one for mom's car. The flat has to be fixed in order to tow mom's car. Coordinating this was not as easy as it sounds.
 So I'm posting these serene photos from my back yard. I'd rather be here.
Lounging on the lawn swing. Knitting.

(PS. I somehow ran over a screw. Mom blew her fuel pump. It's been a very expensive 2 weekends)

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