Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Okay Mother Nature, enough showing off. We get it here in Massachusetts. You got da power. I'm tired of filling my freezer with food and having to throw it all out every 2 months.
I was one of the lucky ones. The power went out October 29 during the night. I did get up when I heard a loud snap and saw the maple branch in the yard. No damage. My favorite dogwood had branches bent to the ground. I couldn't see beyond that to the box elder if it had crushed my lawn swing and my neighbors fence.

Started coming down around 2-2:30 pm. Wet sloppy snow.

The next morning it was very pretty. I headed out back to see...

and found a large broken branch. Fortunately it did not damage the neighbor's fence.

Why the whole thing didn't come down was beyond me. Look at the bend in that sucker!

Power was returned on Monday afternoon. Now the clean up begins. The dogwood survived beautifully. There are a lot of areas without power. Winter doesn't begin until December 22?

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