Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring 2012

 March, April and May. Wacky weather months in New England historically. REALLY odd this year.  Do I put away the snow blower just because I needed to mow the lawn in April? I hesitate because I am not fooled by the 90 degree weather we had on 4/16. Having lived here all my life I'm not that easy to trick.
 I contemplated installing the air conditioner for a nanosecond then shook it off. Too early. Doesn't matter that I didn't sleep well last night due to the room being hotter than oven. I have my principles.
 The knitting has been off also. My simple cardigan has had the sleeves removed twice. The gauge and my math are in sync but the physical knitting is not. The only thing left to blame is the weather.

I gave up and started another project that is too tiny to share. Speaking of tiny, another baby shower to get ready for this weekend. Throwing the finishing touches on the sweater and hat before scheduling the photo op. With the odd weather pattern we've been having I hope the little tyke will get a chance to wear it!

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