Friday, June 01, 2012

Made It To The Weekend

Folks, it's been a looong four day week. Monday was a holiday and very hot. Tuesday, it was back to work to an office with no air conditioning and a day that hit 90. Tuesday is also a 12 hour day that turned into a 14 hour day due to a meeting that would not end. During this meeting we had the most wonderful thunderstorm but it could not shut the power down to end my suffering. On Wednesday, the a/c was installed but halfway through the day I noticed I was wearing one brown sandal and one black sandal. There was much drama in the office none of which concerned me but you know how innocent bystanders get sucked into the fray. When I got home I had a mechanical failure of the trash compactor. I was collecting for rubbish day and the darn thing stopped in the middle and held the trash hostage. Thursday, well, I can't even remember what Thursday was like. It's gone from my memory so it must have been alright. And Friday, Friday is my short day. Out at noon and believe you me they ate my dust at the stroke of noon. The world became brighter, even though I had to, not needed to, HAD to grocery shop or starve. My jaw relaxed and the back spasms stopped. I love a long weekend but the week that follows is always a killer.
Knitting hasn't helped. Now that is a serious problem. When your go-to stress reliever fails what do you do?
Go talk to the cat. It works. Trust me.
P.S. The trash compactor fairy must have come and gave it good kick. It is once again working.

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