Saturday, May 19, 2012

By Request

Mom's aran is finished. Too bad the temps are going into the eighties this weekend. Even so, another may be started to get a jump on the season. I'm sure there is a color missing in my collection.
Along with the aran request, Mom asked for a batch of my apple/plum jelly. I made my first batch twenty years ago. I made my second batch yesterday. Ahem, no, I did not go into mass jelly manufacture back in 1992 though I did enjoy the process. 

I learned from my mistake last time which was: DON'T SQUEEZE THE CHEESECLOTH 
CONTAINING THE COOKED FRUIT. Thus, clear jewel colored jelly. I just wish I was more of a jelly eater. I have plans to slather roasted pork ribs with the booty for a yummy glaze. 
My grandmother Hazard used to make huge batches of apple jelly. Plain apple is fine and was my plan in 1992 but found I was short apples and the plums just happened to be on the shelf so in they went. It was such a hit I tried it again. Yup, worked again. AND EVERY JAR TOP SET. I had a fear they wouldn't the first time and again this time. My fears were unfounded both times. Now I'll get cocky and they won't set next time. Let's see, that will be 2032. 

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