Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Process

Wacky weather here in New England but what else is new. It snows, it melts. The wind howls and blows dirt everywhere and the sun is so bright it makes you squint with sunglasses on. The maple sugarers(?) are upset because their yield is half what it should be. Tomorrow will bring some new crisis no doubt.

The main part of the shrug is done. Budget constraints have halted production. You see, the main bath is in process of redecorating complete with a new pedastal sink. Therefore rug, towels, walls all need new color. A little reconstruction has to be done to the wall where the old sink cabinet used to be. IT'S CUT INTO MY YARN BUDGET. It'll look great when I finish but I want my cake and yarn too! I'm breathing, breathing, breathing. Here's what I have-I know, I rarely show WIP pics.

The shrug is your basic top down raglan without the fronts. The sleeves are 3/4 length. (That reminds me of a saying in fashion that 3/4 sleeves are for people who can't make up their minds. Completely false I say!) Then I curved the back by short rowing. I'm not happy with the telltale marks but hoping that wash and block will "bloom" the yarn.It's a cotton blend so we'll see. The other little item is made of some mystery microfiber. All ribbons can be changed, even the bow on top. It's attached with a snap. A girl has to have choices!
Mom won't let me help her knit so I'll just nap beside her.

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