Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's a Budget Thing

I payed the bills Sunday night. I got a reality slap Sunday night. It's funny how you just go along, happy, happy and then wham! ya figure out you have less to have fun with than you originally thought. Nobody likes to budget because it's always the fun stuff that gets cut first. Budget constraints during the Web's Anniversary Sale. How cruel is that?
These guys are fun and cute. They got a new toy from my friend G. It has catnip.

Can you tell?

Knitting with kittens is a challenge. Beau is fast as lightening and managed to chew threw the working yarn of my current project. (note to self: put knitting away when the little darlings are not going to be supervised.) Andrew will peacefully lie next to you and allow you to knit a project by yourself. Occasionally he will add kitty drool to the working yarn. Blech. They have their own balls of yarn but the yarn mom's using is always more interesting.

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