Friday, April 06, 2007

The Last Snow

This is the result of a spring snowstorm. The picture doesn't do it justice. The clouds were dark and the snow coated all the branches. It was breathtaking. This happens to be a golf course believe it or not. Yes, it has an old fashion hay treader. It's the blurry thing in the middle.

My newest knitting project is completely summer and a little out of place with all this snow. Yes it's a shrug but that's all the info for now because to be quite honest I'm still making up the pattern in my head. Designing on the fly! I will say that it is going to be a whimsical piece.

Please excuse Beau, he had to take an emergency nap.

1 comment:

Mary in Boston said...

That Beau is one relaxed kitty cat.

Found you through your comment on Purling Swine, saw the cat picture and had to comment!

Love the picture of the snow too. While it is pretty, I'm ready for spring to come.