Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knitting Like A Mad Woman

Awhile back I told of a guernsey/ganseyish creation and this was the result.
Knit from the top down and very light weight. Araucania Natures Wool in a delicately variegated yellow. I had to dig around in WEBS warehouse section to get them(matching hanks). Well worth it and I think it's part of the fun. Mom liked it so much she wanted one--a bit different and red. We found ....

Cascade 220, a bit thicker material. I changed the cable for interest (my interest and I don't care for twin dressing with my mom, love her dearly but...just sayin.)Mmmmmm. I'll be borrowing this one. I've finished it since the pic but it's drying.

The boys helped put up the Christmas tree. Andrew made sure all the pieces were there.

Beau made sure I got all the pieces out of the box.

And made an inspection. He found it acceptable.

A nap was required afterward. I'm not sure what the cat-stacking was all about, there are other chairs to nap on.

Happy Holidays!

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