Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Count Down

I have 4 family Christmas events next week starting Sunday. I should be in panic mode because I haven't finished shopping by a long shot. I need to give up working-it's getting in the way. We've had several snow falls in the past 2 weeks and that has caused delays. Our old standby department store in the next town, which always has what no one else does won't be selling (oops, almost said the brand name and that won't fly) product X any more because company X feels the store is too small to sell their product. Never mind the product has been sold there for probably the last 75 years. The store is 125 years old. It's one of the last family owned department stores allowed to exist among the BIGGER non-mentionable retail facilities of it's caliber. A bit upper crusty but like I said, it has what the others don't.

Sunday's event is the older sister and companion traveling from Vermont. I'm serving Sauerbraten. Never made it before but my friend Alton Brown on the Food Network is helping me by allowing me to download his recipe. Christmas day will be mom and me and the boys. Nice and quiet, well as quiet as these 2 cats can be. Thursday the younger sister and her daughter will arrive from NJ. Her husband will arrive late Friday. An extended family party is being held on Saturday. Ham for the Friday event. Shepards Pie for Saturday's pot luck event.

Beau can't wait. He'll hide.Andrew can't wait. He'll hide. These kitties just don't care for alien life forms. There are times I'd like to hide with them.

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