Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Snow People are Sweating

January thaw. Temps reaching 63 degrees in Western Massachusetts is causing all sorts of problems for the lovely snowmen. I heard on a police scanner one had fallen across the road. (Apparently it was a large snowman. I can't imagine being the idiot that called that 911 in. ) I don't know what the police did that responded."Dispatch: you have a snow person of uncertain gender down in the road causing a situation. " Police: "Copy that, I'll need back up!" Such a loss. I hope a new crop appears soon.

I took a picture of my wip last night!

It looks like a giant sea urchin. Maybe I should do "scallop" edging? Sorry. I did go with the garter stitch after the armhole so the part that folds back is the same on both sides. When I run out of the current ball in process I'll put the body on hold and do the sleeves. This project goes so quick. I'm thinking another in cotton for this spring for my sleeveless dresses. January 8 and I'm thinkin' about spring!

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