Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Perfect Weather for Knitting

The Sea Urchin sweater is done. With the temps in the single digits there is nothing else to do but hunker down, cover up with a blanket and knit yourself silly. And I did. I finished the Sea Urchin, blocked. Ella Rae Classic
-100% wool
-219 yards per ball on 8's. I love it. It was a find in the back room at Webs. $2.99 per ball. Soft, not scratchy. No splitting and not a knot in the 6 balls consumed. I'm going back for more. I started and almost finished a vest (different yarn, Cascade Bollacine, dark navy) with grand plans of doing a two color rib with a lighter gauge yarn(Rowan Matchmaker), smaller needle. I won't show you the result. The ribbing will be ripped out and tried again. To ease the pain I swatched some Cascade 220 (yummy!) in charcoal for design to be disclosed as soon as I come up with it.
Beau is knitted out. Total exhaustion, can you tell? Either that or he's been into the catnip and crashed. It happens.

(see that hideous blanket? It's actually the largest dishcloth ever made (5feet square)The cats love it. Wherever it goes, they go.)

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