Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It Makes a Mother Worry

When you send your little one outside to play first thing in the morning you've already taken the precautions to ensure their safety as best you can. You check on them often to see what they're up to. When you go to the door and find your little one is nowhere to be seen your heart immediately slams into your throat. You throw on whatever is close and fly out the door. Not in the yard, not in either one of the neighbors yards. You look up in trees because it's a possibility given their nature. You walk the neighborhood calling their name intently scanning yards and open garages. You probably look like a stalker but who cares, my little one is not safe any more. Trying to be logical is laughable. What were they wearing? What color are their eyes? What interests them?

After two hours of walking the neighborhood you head for the house to call the police. As you get to the door you look over and there sits your little one, pleased as punch with himself on the neighbor's front walk. The brick on your heart lifts. If you call to him he'll run in the other direction. Play it smart. Get a treat. Damn! he's out of sight again. Go to the open garage. Offer the treat. Darn if he doesn't come from behind you. Grab him, give a big hug and tell him what a naughty boy he was for leaving the yard.
Andrew snapped his lead this morning. Not only was he loose but he was wearing a harness, leash and 6ft of rope lead attached to the leash with metal connectors. I was more afraid he would get all that extra baggage caught and be stuck somewhere I couldn't reach him.

When he showed himself he was wearing nothing but the fur he was born with. Someone in the 'hood has a harness and rope and won't know why or how. I would hope no one would release his harness and just let him free. I prefer to think he Houdini'd out of it. My baby is in the house and just itchin' to go back outside. I locked him and his brother in tight and went to work. Breathing a sigh of relief.

I may have another gray hair.

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