Monday, June 02, 2008

Squooshy Knitting

The past two projects have been DK or fingering weight yarn. I cast on for a drop shoulder sweater in Cascade 220 worsted with size 8 needles. Gigantic in comparison to the 2's I've been working with. Needless to say progress is much faster. Here we see the back to the under arm complete and the front to the center join. The pattern is a double broken rib. Being a rib it has plenty of stretch where I need it and hugs in where I don't. No need to do much shaping.

I joined back to front and continued in the round until I ran out of the working yarn. Picked up the sleeve, knit to 18" and put it on hold. I'm on the second sleeve and will put that on hold at 18".I had to stop myself from knitting several times over the weekend to attend to other duties. I also stop and squeeze it because its so gawl darn squooshy.

Rumor is the temps are to go up to the 90's with humidity this weekend. Not good squooshy knitting weather but I should be done with it by then. Woolie vest is on the blocking board and I found some interesting buttons for finish. Yeh, I shoulda taken a picture of the buttons-I am never going to get the hang of this blogging thing.

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