Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Can't Find My Buttons

Anybody seen them? Yup, the ones that WERE in my purse are no longer and no one in the house claims to have seen or moved them, though I have my doubts about Beau's claim to innocence.There's just something about that face...

So now I have two 99% finished projects that I have not photo'd because Western MA refuses to allow sunshine to get through when I'm home, (the sun shines fine while I'm at work.) for a decent shot. I also find myself contemplating what to do next project-wise. I have a stash of Valley Yarns "Northfield" (same name of the town I work in) and though I usually look at yarn like a sculptor looks at a rock and says: "You're going to be a (fill in blank)", I get nothing. It's a blend of merino, baby alpaca and silk . For you dyers they have a larger hank (625yds), just so you know. I may have to put it in the marinating drawer for now. That'll teach me for buying yarn based on its name.

I also find myself thinking spring/summer even though winter has just begun and Mother Nature is slapping us up side the head every couple of days with the crappiest winter weather. Snow is fine but this sleet, freezing rain garbage is a back breaker for shoveling. Snowblower? Hah, it refuses to deal with such slop. I swear I hear it laughing from the garage.

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