Tuesday, September 08, 2009

May We Have Some Chilly Weather Please? Thankyou

Ahh, the bestest time of the year is rolling in. Warm days, cool mornings and nights. Sweatah weathah.
Having extended the already long weekend two more days, things got done.
Side of garage needing scraping, sanding, priming & painting-done.
Filthy car washed-done.
Test paint the faux finish for the powder room-done.
Put up curtains and rods on the p0rch-done.
Trim the hedge-done.
Hit a LYS for tent sale-done.
Attain Leader status at Buffalo Wings during Buzztime trivia-oh yeah, done.
Administer dreaded flea potion on cats-done, much to their displeasure.
"I doubt she'll be forgiven anytime soon."

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