Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We have a water main break. Crews are working on the problem. Due to water not being available to the Town Hall, a public building, the Selectboard closed the Town Hall until the problem is resolved. Signs were put on the front and back doors. Simple wording: Town Hall is closed until further notice due to water main break. Big black letters. Right at eye level.
People have yanked on the doors so hard I expect the doors are damaged. They have gone to the store across the street and asked if there was some sort of holiday they were unaware of. The store clerk asked,"did you READ THE SIGN?" No public facilities (read: functioning bathroom)means no public access. That's the rule. Employees are not encouraged to come in. They're not told they can't either. For me, it's great. No answering the phone, no walk-ins. Just uninterrupted time to get stuff done. Full concentration on a project from beginning to end. Ahhhhh.
Advice: If the door you wish to enter doesn't budge, focus and read the sign. Continuing to pull as hard as you can isn't going to change the condition.

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