Monday, March 29, 2010

I Got Fiber This Weekend

And we're not talking cereal that looks like bales of hay. After my fun filled weekend learning how to hand-dye I revisited the shop to pickup blank sock yarn. Above is the result of my class. Of course I also found the bargain basket and adopted six balls of silk yarn that needed a home. I'm envisioning a sleeveless top-but don't hold me to that. On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and snagged a couple boxes of food dye (the brand recommended in the book). So, to review, yarn, dye and stuff I already have at home. Check.
I didn't jump into dye mode. No, I for some odd reason pulled my drop spindle out and tortured a piece of roving for hours. I even plied it but neglected to photo. It's looks somewhat respectable...if you like slubby novelty yarn. I actually enjoyed it. No really, I think I'm going to add my first spin project to the dye pile and knit a hat. That's what I have roaming around in my brain at the moment.

My w.i.p. has had a steek cut. Did I forget to mention it? Oh, so sorry, I'm building a double breasted sweater/jacket. It wasn't what I intended when I started but this happens when I knit. I'll have to post pics of that along with my lumpy hand spun yarn. Remind me later-kay?

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