Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love My Cat I Love My Cat I Love My Cat

My mantra last night when I came home around 8:30 pm was I Love My Cat. I had to repeat this for hours lest I put him up for adoption or worse. It was too gruesome. Merino single spun, MY hand spun singles(on a drop spindle people, NOT a spinning wheel though the pain would be the same.) that I had just started to ply were everywhere. He started on the second floor where said unborn yarn was safe behind a CLOSED door. He's  a smarty cat. He's opened doors before so what was I thinking? Two balls of singles went from the second floor, down the stairs, through the cat door down to the cellar, around posts, back up and through the cat door, down the hall, through the window to the front porch, around various objects. 4 ounces of painstakingly spun merino. *sigh* I couldn't bring myself to photograph the victim. I've untangled and rewound one ball. Have you ever tried to hand-wind loose singles? UGH! The other is not. looking. good. All I got was "the look" that so many of my friends have received from their attitude-y teenagers. That blank "what-EVER" look from a cat that wanted a treat for all his efforts. I love my cat. (grrrr.)

To "zen" myself I looked at my orchid all busting with blooms.
I looked at the new spun single that my best boy hasn't mangled. If you haven't tried spinning Blue Face Leicester-- it's a dream!

And there they are. Is it me or the stripes but Beau looks fat? Next to him is Andrew the Yarn Demon. That's the "look" I'm talking about. grrrr. I love my cat(s).

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