Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Like I Said

Don't like the weather here?..wait 15 minutes. From 90 to 50 in 24 hours. Back to woolly sweaters. Higher elevations have snow. Why not? It's only May. Extreme drops in temperature make for some pretty amazing thunderstorms. The kind that rattle your windows in the middle of the night and make you wonder if a B-52 landed in your .5 acre back yard. What's new this year is the wind tossing trees in the road. I like wind but not when I need to watch for falling trees. Driving is challenging enough with the likes of cell phone users and what not these days. Pine trees dropping in my path don't do much for the carnuba wax.
 In my last post I was lamenting not being able to wear the 20 Button Sweater. I am at this very moment wearing it.

20 buttons....20.
I've started a vesty-tank toppy thing that looks nothing like its intention with all the steeks it has going on. I will tell you that working with 100% nubby silk is hard on the hands and I'm looking forward to finishing this thing up. On the spinning side of life, there hasn't been any. When you have 20 buttons to sew on....
"Don't believe anything she says about the silk swatch I pulled off the drying rack."

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