Monday, June 07, 2010


What is so hard about finishing a project and taking a picture. Beats the heck out of me but for some reason a time warp occurs and poof! 3 projects later I get around to taking a craptastic photo of hours of


See? Crappy blurry photo #1. Love the sweater. Amazing how lime green goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. It would be nice if I blocked it someday.

Then there's the scratchiest silk garment in the world. I call it Pain. I noted in my knitting book to never work with this yarn again. Brutal on the hands. At least it's in focus. 

There's still at least 2 other sweaters that are finished and two more in process. And spinning! *sigh* I guess I need an assistant following me around with my camera if I want to do this right.

As a follow-up to all the bad weather we had, our power came back on 2 days later rather than the 3-4 days "they" were forecasting. This weekend followed up with tornado watches. In New England. Phtlft! Nor'easters  are quite enough, we don't need to take on southern or mid west weather specialties.

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