Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Missed It

You would think, as rare as earthquakes are in New England (reports say we get about 6 per year) that I would notice when one went through. I wouldn't have known anything about it if the MEMA radio behind me in my office hadn't announced it and caught my attention. Ten minutes later our local newspaper called the Town Hall to ask if there was any comment. My comment was, "poop, I missed it!" We have tractors and 'tater pickers that cause more vibration than the earthquake. Fortunately, the reporter didn't quote me in today's paper.

Speaking of the Town Hall, I didn't mention we have had a little animal problem this week. Not your run of the mill animal problem. You may be thinking squirrels, birds or chipmunks. No, keep in mind this is a farm community. We have to be different. We had goats.

Not having been around goats I kept my distance. Cows don't bother me. Those that wrangled Goat 1 and Goat 2 said they were very sweet. I'll take their word for it. These two were claimed and brought home safe and sound. Seems they have learned how to open the gate as they escaped the next day. We also had a horse on the loose in a wooded area of town. Now horses I'm scared to death of if they're not on their side of the fence. Wanted no part of that capture. It too was claimed by its owner and taken home.

That's life in rural New England.

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