Friday, August 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow-Ohmmmmm

Knitting with Valley Yarns "Goshen" is like knitting with buttah. It is the yoga of knitting. Once again, WEBS has found a way to part my money from me.

After this plain project I'm going to acquire more to put it to task.

Mom got into the act by finishing up a pair of socks. She's improving as she didn't have to stop at the heel and ask, "how do I do this?" Still has a mental block on the Turkish cast on but there are days I have the same problem even after doing the same thing a bazillion times. Too much other fluff in the brain.

Not wanting to be left out, Andrew wanted his fame for the day. Quite frankly, this was not the end I was aiming to capture. He hasn't mastered the command, "sit still".

He of course went for the pile of cotton sweater in my lap with the intent of putting a pull in it and almost succeeded.

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