Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Yarn, A Little Tale

A Little Yarn
A few posts ago, I told the tale of how two drop spindles full of singles were tortured by one of the cats. Miraculously I was able to salvage the bulk of the mess and finished plying.

I'm not sure what to make with it. There's enough for a hat or maybe a neck warmer. My goal was mittens but I'm positive there's not enough and I didn't enjoy spinning the wool to whack out another 4 ounces.

The tomato harvest has been plentiful but the tomatoes themselves are diminutive. Not complaining! No one developed "black bottom" and they are yummy. Let's just say they're not the poster children for "Big Boy" tomatoes as indicated on the tag. I won't be getting out the canning pots and jars this year.

We have another stretch of 95 degree plus days and significantly cooler nights. By the end of the week the powers that be are telling tales of hurricane rain and a drop in temperatures. Good, I'd like to get back to knitting. I haven't sat in one place long enough to pick up a project. This weekend featured a houseful of guests and excursions.

A Little Tale

We went to one of my favorite "school field trip" spots. The House of Seven Gables in Salem, MA fascinated me as a tween and I still think it's wicked cool. There's much more to the tour than there was in the 1970's with the addition of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthplace next door. He told a few tales in his day.

I was also glad to find these headstones again. I couldn't remember where they were in relation to 7 Gables. They're in front of St. Peter's Church down the street from the Witch Museum on the corner of Brown and St. Peter's Street.

Gobs of visitors blocking traffic and being a nuisance to the folks that live there. The bane of any tourist  town. Imagine the stories the locals could tell about morons they deal with every day!

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