Monday, March 21, 2011

After a rather unpleasant weekend I was hoping the work week would be happier, brighter, dare I Alas, if Monday (today) is any judge it ain't gonna happen.
It's been snowing all day. Today. First day of spring. That's just wrong on so many levels. On the bright side, none of it is sticking to the ground. Made for some nasty driving in the hill towns if the police scanner in my office is any indication. It would have been better to stay home and knit.
Ack, there's the rub. Staying home with a furnace that refused to work starting Saturday afternoon. The repairman couldn't fix it until this morning. That meant starting and stopping the furnace via the emergency switch on an hourly schedule. That meant no sleeping for more than an hour at night if I wanted to keep the house above 60 degrees.Tired is an understatement. I'm thinking of going to bed when I get home from work around 5pm.
I did get a good chunk of my aran sweater done while bundled up on the couch over the weekend. I'm designing the sleeves to be fitted to the arm by using a cable and stitch combination that really ends up being a ribbing. I'm doing so because I don't like standard aran sleeves which tend to be bulky. On the needles the my combination looks downright silly. The sleeve looks like it belongs on some other project. A long skinny tube attached to a heavily cabled body design. On my arm it looks fine. The way the weather has turned back to winter I may get to wear it before the shorts and flip flops become necessary.
I'm hoping for a better Tuesday.

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