Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letting It Go

Just in case anyone is following--Tuesday rode the same negative wave as Monday. Time to spin this around.
The following is what is on my mind and my way of releasing it so I can move on. No knitting content.

A large chunk of crap causing frustration in my world are people who can't move forward when they don't get their way. They pick and pick at the same old work/life histories. I've observed once they get their way their celebration is brief because they have another personal item lined up to gnaw on until everyone around says, "alright already, have it your way. I'm sick of listening to it." These people suck the life out of me. I don't like being around them. They may be perfectly amiable at the onset or in a non-work related arena. That makes it harder. They are so focused on their mission. There's nothing wrong with being focused as long as in this line of work the focus is for the  betterment of all concerned. But then, that's what these people think isn't it? Their personal agenda, their pet peeve is not everyones but they can't understand why not and will berate those constantly with their reasoning and "you know what I mean?" repeated over and over until the person being talked at cries "Uncle!. Yes, I hear you but I don't happen to agree with you", which invites them to continue to try and convince you. (Go Away. I'm not talking to you anymore. I don't care that you have a personal grudge against another employee and want them fired when all they have done by all evidence is THEIR JOB.)
This has been going on for years and my tolerance left along time ago. If you like your job you shouldn't hate going to work. You shouldn't have to work in what you perceive as a hostile environment day after day when the hostility has nothing to do with you. You shouldn't have to accept their behavior; nor should you have to, after trying to discuss your feelings with this person (people) to stop the behavior be told by that person, "that's just the way I am so deal with it." How about you respect and deal with the way I am and leave me out of it? Better yet, grow up and deal with your issues with those that can help you solve them and let the rest of us come to work, do our jobs and go home without feeling like we've been interrogated all day to support your....personal garbage. Please.
Compounding the problem is A member of Administration (there are several with the title of Administration in this arena) that feels those with "passionate views" need to be heard by all members of staff whether it is any of their concern or not. I asked why they felt this was progressive and received an unsatisfactory answer that everyone should be able to put in their opinion on the subject. I voiced my opinion that it was exactly the opposite to my way of thinking and a waste of  time and money. Again, gather the parties involved with the parties that can resolve it and MOVE ON. I agreed to disagree. Done. Moving on. They, did not and want me to see it their way.

And I get up the next day and do it again. I work on removing myself from this environment. Thank goodness for knitting.

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