Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Random Nothingness

A week away from the daily stress was delightful. No phone calls, no whining. A definite improvement in the quality of life. But all good things must end and yes, it is a job. Something pretty scarce these days. 

I found it interesting during my week from daily toil to walk around the block and watch how it changed. Fungus wise. Here the before.

And the after. I never thought of them as blooms but that's really what they are. 

 I watched my lawn burn to a crisp. The up side? I haven't mowed it in a month.

The temps were roastie. Hotter than I prefer but no one has handed the controls over to me-yet.

Naps and knitting passed the time when it was too hot to be out.

And movies, lots of movies.
I miss my vacation very much.

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