Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Since the horribly hot muggy weather isn't going anywhere soon I grabbed the camera to shoot a couple of finished projects. First up is a cotton half open neckline pullover. Cascade cotton rich DK in natural and...I don't know the official name but a sagey green describes it well. Too hot to even try it on so I'll wait for the surprise the first time I wear it. Always fun. The mystery of not knowing.

The second contestant is the ever popular "Honey Cowl". This is my second one and again, too hot for me to try on but bear is doing a stunning job without whining. 

I shouldn't be whining about the heat. There are folks south of my location that have been suffering in triple digit heat with no electrical power due to yet another horrible storm. Been there folks, you have my sympathy.
I will now, with a tinge of guilt, go down to the freezer and snag a fudgsicle and sit in the a/c. Perhaps I'll knit.

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