Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How to Start a Knitting War!

Wow! I asked a question on another knitting blog site (forgive me, I'm new at this blog thing)about using 2 circular needles vs. double pointed and things got downright hostile! Won't do that again. Feel like I've been flogged...Hey, I'm happy with the 2 circ method and it's MY knitting. That's what makes the world spin--boring if everyone did everything the same. I did learn about something called the Magic Loop. Interesting and I'll give it a try. That got blasted as well--people, take a deep breath and knit! It was just a question! Geesh!

I'm finishing up projects out of my yarn stash which is so dismally low it nearly brings a tear to my eye. Plenty of hats and mittens for Warm the Children project and such and I'll keep adding to it. Luckily WEB's yarn shop will be having their anniversary sale soon, next month I believe, and I'll join the melee to enhance my supply.

I found a design pattern for the poncho I mentioned earlier, now I need to chart it out.

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