Monday, March 27, 2006

Here's The Proof

Now that my pics will upload I have proof of my progress. Here we have one Stripey sock from my first complete pair. I've worn them to bed almost every night since! The other is my Wildfoote with a Feather & Fan cuff. Hard to see the design.
I also managed to knit off a swatch for mom's poncho and catch cold this weekend. I could have done without the cold. It cut in on my knitting time.
My roadtrip to Web's resulted in a Lana Grossa sock yarn called Meilenwiet/Mega Boots Stretch. Quite a bit heavier than the Wildfoote. That store can be so overwhelming, so many choices. Their anniversary sale is coming up in April and their maniac tent sale at the end of May. Must wear protective gear for that one, it gets wild!

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