Sunday, March 19, 2006

My New Adventure in Socks

You know what's ironic, I hate wearing socks. As soon as March rolls around I try to leave them behind but inevitably in New England it snows a couple times forcing me to don a pair just to keep my feet out of the snow. But here I am, knitting my second pair of socks in less than a week. I'm trying to upload a picture but my ancient hand crank computer is having a tough time of it.
I found an easy way to divide a ball of yarn to make 2 evenly. Some knitters use scales to weigh the original ball, wind a new one and weigh it periodically to see if it's the same weight. In my effort to always shorten the process, I just left the original ball on the scale, set up my ball winder next to it and wound off until the original ball weighed half what it did. I have a pic of that too, honest.
The clerk at Northern Woolies and I bonded in our conversation of the dpns and circ methods. (She brought it up, I didn't.)That was comforting. Apparently I was just unaware that there was an established class system in the knitting universe. Well, too bad, knit with what you want I say.

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