Friday, May 19, 2006

They're Not Just My Imagination

I continue to knit on Kiwi, actually, I'm not quite sure it's knitting because you see, I knit 4 rows and tink 3 rows to correct a flaw. I at least have a pic of the lace rib (can you say blurry?)that I borrowed from Wendy. (See her entry on May 16) Eventually this will grow to about 5". If the Gods be willing.

My F&F sock #2 is coming along ...

I'm using size 0 needle a 9sts per inch, you'll have to search for the Red Sox socks to find out what the yarn is as the ball bands are long gone. I've had several Dr's appointments and these have travelled beautifully. No misbehaving what-so-ever.

The same cannot be said about Kiwi. I'm bitter. But determined. String will NOTget the best of me!

So there you have it. It continues to rain and I thank my lucky stars that A) I live on a hill and B)my cellar has stayed dry.
Web's tent sale this weekend, whoo hoo! Back to scrounge for more Regia sock yarn and whatever else the budget will allow.

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