Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes.....

I'm having bad knitting karma. Kiwi, my top down raglan, is starting to give me fits. I got past the initial problems from the top with the double increases and have been diligently trying to make a simple lacy pattern on the bottom 5" using k2 tog yo across. One, it was killing my hands but looked nice so I persevered. I finally got to the bottom and decided a try on was in order. And there it was, looking back at me from the mirror. I squinted and rubbed the stitching, it couldn't be! A glaring boo-boo half way thru the pattern. And I could hear it laughing, softly at first until it was full out snorting "Bwahahahahahahahah" No ignoring it, no easy way to fix it, and frogging back to pick up the stitches would be miraculous to say the least. Well, I couldn't wrap my brain around how I was going to pick them up successfully. Upon further observation I had gained stitches on one side to the point that it was becoming a one sided double-breasted front. It has been frogged--I am NOT going to do the same lace pattern. Back to the drawing board.
Needless to say I still don't have any worthy pics to upload. It's rained in New England for a week. Everything's nice and green and yes the sun will continue to rise and set regardless what happens with Kiwi. Until next time....knit.

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Kelly said...

Damn that knitting karma! Well on the bright side the sun did come out for a few minutes any way. Hopefully tomorrow brings you good knitting karma and some sun.