Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Too Hot!

June 1st and the temp is up in the 90's for day 3, what is this, Georgia? Oh no, it's New England where as the saying goes, wait 15 minutes the weather will change...well come on baby your 15 minutes has come and gone. Enough whining, on for our regularly scheduled program.

It's Kiwi in progress with the second sleeve slooooowly getting longer. Are you asking about buttons? Here's my idea: Buttons made from Fimo clay that look like slices of kiwi! Don't forget, I will be doing button hole bands on BOTH sides so I can have interchangeable button strips to attach and match my mood. Have I ever worked with Fimo clay? Noooo, but that's never stopped me. Maybe a strip of pearl buttons and something plain, you know, for Those Days.

Speaking of one of those days, I mentioned I started a new job. Well, on day three I had a total meltdown, WHAT-HAVE-I-DONE-GET-ME-OUTTA-HERE meltdown. Ya had to be there. Of course I feel like a bloomin' idiot now but they tell me I'll be fine, and I will. I'm just one of those people that thinks I have to know everything about the job in one day. I have to get over that. This job is going to take months to comprehend. Let's work on my patience, shall we?

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Kelly said...

The sweater looks beautiful! I think the kiwi buttons would look kinda cool. Good luck with your new job.