Friday, June 09, 2006

Ta-Da! Alert the Media-Kiwi Is Done!

Has it been a week already?! My how time flies. Let's get an update, shall we?

Yes, it's true. Kiwi is finished and ALL 19 buttons have been attached to a perfectly matched grosgrain ribbon. I'm very pleased and hope the weather stays cool a bit longer so I can wear it. We're back to rain rain rain here in New England. So much so I wanted to dry the house out a bit yesterday when I got home from work and went to the thermostat to run the furnace for a cycle and got nothing, zip, completely ignored by my command. I checked the oil, yup, still have plenty; the fuse, fine; the Emergency switch, no change. Call the furnace tech. Oh dear, it IS the Emergency switch--no juice. I can't wait to get that bill. That'll cut into the knitting budget.

The new job is going swell, at least I made it through week 2 without losing my composure. In fact I was quite pleased with my accomplishments. I'm not as brain dead as I thought.
Tonight is the Relay for Life in which I will do some strolling for the cause. I have the 11pm shift and I do hope to stay dry, this is New England though. I have a nice warm Aran to wear, no this is not a job for Kiwi. I think Kiwi will go to the office for her debut. See how the buttons are removable? Button holes on both sides. So let's review:
Cascade Yarn The Heathers-Kiwi
Size 6 needles
Gauge, gauge, what was the bloody gauge! Gone, and no I didn't write it down
Top down raglan
Finished size 38
Ribbing pattern borrowed from Wendy
Seed Stitch bands
Pearl buttons (with different button bands to follow, and no I haven't forgot about making the Fimo kiwi slices. I saw some leather buttons that would look nice too.)

Didn't take a pic but still working on the Mega Boot Stretch 2x2 rib socks. Next up on the needles: Shapely Top using Classic Elite Premiere in Tea Rose(though it looks more watermelon to me!)
'Til next time....

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Kelly said...

Glad the job is going better for you. Beautiful job on the sweater!