Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Springtime in New England

I had hopes of finishing knitting stuff. I came close. This cotton cardi refuses to dry.

Woolie vest is ready for blocking.

One and a quarter pair of socks for the Oncology Dept. at the hospital-done.

On the non-knitting side of the weekend I took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had to do some home-owner stuff.' Patching a sidewalk with suprevision. Andrew had to step in it afterward but left no mark.

Deweeded a few brick walkways. Lost the moss in the process. Bummer.

Beau found some feet.

And I'm not sure if he's holding Andrew down or trying to get a better view of something down the lawn. I don't question bizarre cat behavior. And the ivy is getting ready to take over. It looks all neat and tidy now but this stuff goes nuts.

It was a lovely weekend.

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