Monday, January 26, 2009

18 Degrees

It's brutal out there. Another gust of brrr chill from our Canadian friends. They're spreading the love. The couch, blanket, knitting and remote made the weekend. We're expecting snow "with accumulations" by Tuesday night. (read: you'll be shoveling Wednesday morning dude)
I tried a new sock yarn. An Auracania solid with a Staggered Gull Wing design for giggles. I got tired of the design and quit when I got sick of it because Elizabeth Zimmerman said I could. Sock 2 is on the needles. I'm interested how much of a change there will be once blocked.
As I mentioned earlier, no buttons have been found for the sweater below. No whiskered fambly members have owned up to their whereabouts. What would I do without these markers? (Get off my arse and buy new buttons that's what!)

You KNOW what will happen once I do that don't you? That's alright. Once they show up I'll design something around them.

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