Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Thoughts

I have finished the second Araucania sock. Read the description in the link for Ranco and that's what it is. Basic, smooth tight twist and a pair of socks for 8 bucks. The color is not consistently solid which is fine by me. It's one of the reasons I go back to the Araucania line. If I have any negative remark about the product in any weight, and I've used fingering to bulky in this product, is the pilling that occurs but I haven't found a 100% wool that doesn't. With the tighter twist the pills are easily removed.
I knit my socks on size 0 needles and gave the leftover yarn a spin on size 2's. Nice stitch definition and of course a bit drapier. I could see me using it for a larger item. Then again, I don't think I've ever said no to a yarn adventure.
On the weather front around here..grrrrr....the sleet, freezing rain is ruining perfectly good fluffy snow and makes driving an adventure I'd rather NOT participate in. Let's not even go into the problems trying to shovel the stuff. I was late, late, late for work yesterday morning because rain on top of snow had frozen and encased my tires 1" up from the pavement. The chopping process ruined a perfectly good hair day. Oh and that took place after I had recruited my hair dryer to get the door open. A half inch of ice covered the car-very shiny. Hmmmm. My love of winter took a serious hit.

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