Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pick of the Harvest

There it is. "Northfield" with its planted rows creating patterns on the landscape. It's still drying and I'm anxious to wear it before the weather becomes too warm. I'll definitely go back for more of this yarn.

Grass is beginning to show with the waning snow. Sorry to see it go. What! Were I not complaining not too long ago about the crappy weather?!? Of course I was. That was then, this is now. With tomorrow's rain-sleet-rain prediction I'll be whining again. So it goes.

Next project? Well, for some reason I blew by the cotton yarn and went for Valley Yarns "Stockbridge" in my stash. I know very little about Stockbridge though I've been there several times. Doubt it will be a theme knit. It has alpaca and merino like Northfield but lacks the silk so is not as smooth and "silky" as the last project. I like the wide neck of "northfield" so I'm designing same with a raglan sleeve. I'll decide down the road whether it will be a cardi or pullover. As it is black there will be stockinette stitch period. But that could all change tomorrow with the rain....

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