Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Nothingness

My sentry on duty. Not a squirrel, free range cat or bird goes unnoticed. He has several posts around the house. You can tell by the nose prints on the windows.
This blob of black is the latest w.i.p. I'll leave it a mystery for now. Okay, a small tidbit. It's a cardigan with a special feature. Special meaning I haven't attempted it before. Many of y'all will think-"big deal, I've been there, done that."
Andrew finds my hand knits quite acceptable. Plenty of other sleeping accommodations in the house but the smallest surface with wool is the best nap spot.
We're having off and on snow today with a promise of rain. I also received mail from FiberTwist. Interested in everything fiber with a strong showing for hooked rugs? Mark your calendar for September 26 at the Greenfield High School.

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