Monday, August 10, 2009

Another One Down An Movin' On

The Mulligan is finished and in use due to unseasonal temps. (70's on August--love it!). Continuing my cotton summer sweater extravaganza, I'm whipping up a half zip pullover in a blinding lime green--because I can. I'm rerunning a pattern favorite of mine, 6x2 rib, drop shoulder style. Do I knit in the chaise? No, it's the most uncomfortable seat in the house.
Here's the view from the chaise. Best room in the house. I'll take that back, the most unc0mfortable seat in the house is the fan-back chair to the left of this photo.
Events over the weekend of perfect weather included a stroll down to the 3rd Annual Block Party. Avenue A is blocked off for the fun. There were local food booths, live bands, a fashion show, dog parade and various business booths. I made paper at the Southworth booth. I went for a classic Chanel black and white paper. With red sparkles.

The party ran from 2p to 8p. Fun time on Avenue A.

"I had to stay home and do laundry. Who wants to go to some stupid dog parade anyway."

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