Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where I Have No Sweat Left

I'm done. Dare I say I miss my air conditioned office when I leave but after 8 hours of filling my day with other activities I've had enough and move on. The whining starts soon after I get out of my air conditioned car. Knitting has been sparse. Knitting with cotton fiber is not a cooler activity. Pick up your cotton sweater. Heavy isn't it? So here's my solution: I'm going to take a class this fall to learn how to use a drop spindle. I guarantee this will lead to a spinning wheel. I have had a fascination with spinning wheels ever since the elementary school field trip to Sturbridge Village more years ago than I want to get into right now. And when I was dragged to the Tunbridge Fair a few years ago, I stayed at the flax/linen demonstration so long I feared they were going to alert security (IF in fact the Tunbridge Fair has security--if you're a local you understand) to remove me because I was creeping the demonstrator out. Fascinating. Nerdy to most folks but I'm SO past the age of caring. Next summer when I'm choking on the humidity I will not sit in front of a fan with three quarters of a long sleeve sweater sitting on my lap. I do not knit hot weather wearables....or I do not wear the ones I HAVE created. Knitting = cold=long sleeves in my world and I've stopped wasting good fiber to make things I don't wear. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I will stand in front of a fan and spin fiber instead. There will still be plenty of whining."Drop spindle sounds like an excellent cat toy to me."

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