Monday, August 31, 2009

End Of The Season -Almost

The Summer of Cotton Sweaters is drawing to a close. The result is a bunch of partials and one skeins that I am knitting into a throw NOW instead of putting them away for "sometime".

I'm not even trying to color coordinate--bet you couldn't tell. Each sweater I make this summer is represented. Don't believe me? Go to "Done Stuff" and see. I dare ya.

As with all my other "use up the leftover" blankets it may be a bit jarring to the eye but the first object everyone grabs cuz it's soft and comfy. I had the opportunity to Nap Test it this weekend. Here in Western Massachusetts it cooled to a lovely 70 degrees. With the rain and the funeral of Senator Kennedy--busted into tears more than once--a nap schnuck up on me and fortunately the blanket was big enough to cover the shoulders. This was during the PGA tour. Not even Tiger's zip up the leaderboard could keep the lids from slamming shut. I came back to life on the 14th hole.

I have a finished sweater on the drying rack. There are skeins of black cotton yarn marinating. I'm not quite done with cotton yet but beginning to hear the wool calling me in the storage bins.

"If I wasn't so worried about the dog coming down the street I'd be more worried about that last sentence."

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