Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sweater Mulligan

So to "get over" my ire at the -cotton yarn that grew in the process of knitting with it- I tried the same design in my go-to cotton & microfiber (microfiber, aka acryl-ick) and so far I have faith restored in my limited but functional math skills. Right on course this time. To the stitch.
With the temps in the 90's and air so thick you can throw it at your neighbor I haven't had a good chance to test drive the black wimpy version to see if all this fuss was for naught and find that it's my most favorite sweater. puph!

In Other News...

Meet T.S. Gnome

T.S. has taken residence in the backyard in the general area of the Norwegian Maple. He was a present to my mom from my niece and has the loveliest mauvey lips. He's making himself quite at home and learning the lay of the land.

T.S. claims to be quite the gardener and has set to work supervising pumpkin production and flower blooming.
He has professed a hatred for hot peppers and will NOT have anything to do with them. I'm thinking there's a story behind the volatile attitude.

He chatted it up with St. Francis, a long time resident who's a bit territorial. T.S. will need to tread lightly. No need to get on the bad side of a saint.

Toad wasn't home or not answering the door. It happens.

Last stop on his tour was Squirrel Memorial.
Andrew, I think mom's gone a little squirrelly herself.

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