Thursday, July 08, 2010

Can't Sleep

It's taking some serious reverse psychology on my part to get any sleep at all during this delightful heatwave. (See, I'm going for the power of positive thought.) I close my eyes and picture myself shoveling snow off the back steps and shaking the excess snow off the shrubbery at the front of the house. All the while I'm lying in bed sweating profusely after having taken a cool shower. I smell like baby powder. If this heatwave continues I'm going to need another container. All because I have an aversion to air conditioners. This, of course does not apply to the a/c in my office. HA! how hypercritical I am! The Man can pay for my comfort. If The Man were paying my electric bill during the measly 1 or 2 weeks we have these annoying heat waves I'd gladly accept the energy sucking, environmentally polluting contraption. Then there's my gripe about fans...there's just no pleasing me. Not after 4-5 days of 100 degree weather with blasted humidity.
On the knitting side--HA! What knitting? The best I can do is finished objects ready for action when the thermometer becomes reasonable.

GiNORMus buttons and I-cord.

Do you hear that? The schuss, schuss of nordic skiis along a wooded trail of packed snow....Excuse me, hallucination. Ahem, where were we?

And you are NOT going to believe this....

Chart A complete once through on Wendy Johnson's aka WendyKnits, Seriously Simple Shawl. Made even simpler by using worsted weight instead of fingering weight. It's like using jumbo Legos instead of regular Legos. Won't be as dainty but then, I wouldn't describe myself as dainty so this will work for me. I have to have COMPLETE SILENCE when working on this. Chart, counting, yarn overs, counting, repeats, BAH! There's been plenty of tinking but I do feel accomplished getting it this far. I also think it looks funny. Funny as in not quite right. It's the heavier yarn and the fact it's not blocked, it will be fine once the project is complete.

This little item....hoo, I'm reeeeaaaallllyyy liking this yarn. It's an alpaca merino blend with very subtle heather from Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Cerulean (p.s. wrong, I don't know what color this is). I only bought 4 hanks so I designed a vest and cursed myself for not ponying up for 2 more hanks to put sleeves on this project.
I wish I could work on it without the yarn sticking to me because I. can't. stop. sweating.

"My belly is hot, would you point the fan at me please?"

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