Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Come Down To This

What? Excuse me? You remember reading something in last year's incessant whining about how I was going to spin yarn when it became unreasonably warm and humid? Oh, I see. Well, I, uh, er, um...
See here's the thing. I do like spinning. My thumb that pinches the roving does not. The result is a very sore tendon. In other words, I pulled a hammy in my thumb and it put me on the disabled list for spinning until I can find a way to stop pinching it that way. Doesn't affect my knitting, sewing, beading and normal daily life. Just spinning. Yup, there's Blue Face Leicester sitting in a bag, half spun.
There is a shawl 3/4 done-too hot.
 There is a vest 7/8 done-too hot.
So I give you...

A sock. An object of wool that does not sit in a lump in my lap.

It's come down to socks. Socks and BBC dvd's from the library. I am watching BBC movies specifically to learn how to speak British. So many dialects. Quite.

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