Thursday, July 01, 2010


Have you noticed I changed the skin of my blog? I may go back to the editing department because it just isn't feeling like alpaca to me. I'll give it another week.

My world just hasn't been wrapped around knitting lately. One, it's been dastardly hot, as in, over 90 degrees and suffocating. Two, weddings and baby showers. Three, lovely dinners with old friends.

The hoodie is hanging over the chair ready to be blocked. You have no idea what hoodie looks like because I've been my cruel self and not shared. All you ever get is finished product. No in-process excitement. I just slam you with the end result. Trust me, I'm sparing you. The whining can at times be as unbearable as the humidity.

You ask if I knit baby items for these showers? No, I can't think of one person's baby shower I've been to that genuinely likes or appreciates hand knits in my circle. Yes, they ohh and ahh but do you ever see the stuff on the kid? Even I don't like some baby items. You know those long legging things? Blech. If I had a child I wouldn't put them on it hand knit or store bought. So there, I'm guilty of knit snobbery myself. Love little sweaters and hats, sacs and booties. And another thing I don't like? Knitted baby clothing in a weight heavier than sport. A worsted weight sweater on the poor babe makes their arms stick straight out because there's so much bulk they can't move. Can't be comfy. Just can't. Don't send hate mail- its just my blog my opinion.You can knit what you want in whatever weight you want.

I'm sure the other question your asking is, "Miss Sandra, have you knit any more on your Seriously Simple Shawl?" No. Though I did look at it. Baby steps, baby steps.

No, another time sucking project (non-knitting related) is consuming me. And that's all I can say. Let's just hope everything goes my way. There I go again, keeping you in the dark. Hehehehehehehe.

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