Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Mega Boot Stretch & The Wildfoote

First of All.....

Happy 24th Birthday to JayJay!
Here she's getting her tanning in and even though I'm an esthetician and vehemently opposed to tanning, she's allowed because 1.) She's 168 cat years 2.) She has always done what she wanted and 3.) It's the only physical activity she does these days. You go kitty!

In my new sock quest I have been experimenting with a few different materials in sock yarn. My latest is the Lana Grossa Mega Boot Stretch that to date is my favorite sock. The yarn is "sproingy", ultra comfy and the sock hugs my foot and leg. I went with a 2x2 rib and a sewn cast off. I like it so much I went back to Web's and bought another color. This one is 710.

My Wildfoote with the Feather & Fan came out beautiful--so nice my mother took them practically before they were off the needles! This material was finer and will look great with a pair of flats. I over exposed the shot so the design was more visible. They are much darker than this.

As I said, I went back to Web's and picked up a few more sock yarns including a cotton/wool/nylon mix just to see how that works up. As I was wandering in fiber nirvana I noticed a sign that said that the Yarn Harlot would be there on April 22 to promote her new book. Count me in! I enjoy her blog and her insight.

Off to get started on mom's poncho, the swatch has been washed and dried, let the games begin!

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