Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't Give Me Sharp Objects

I usually have the patience of a nightcrawler. Yesterday was one of those days where 50 things were going on in the office, no one wanted to wait their turn and I was apparently the only one with the answers. I could feel my teeth turn sharp and pointy as I watched MY work get farther and farther behind. I don't mean to be selfish but I'se got stuff of my own ta do. Pickin' up what I'm puttin' down here? Mail has to get out. Paperwork distributed. You get the picture. MEOWWWW! HSSSS!
Not much knitting has occurred. I finished the bottom edge of the vest and turned a sock heel. I short rowed the heel without wraps on the first sock and couldn't remember how I did it for the second. There was alot of tinking but I managed to pull it off. Since I have been working with nothing but fingering weight I'm looking forward to designing and working on a larger gauge item. I have scheduled a WEBS visit for Friday and have plenty worsted weight in my stash to create.
Now I have to go file down my teeth to a more rounded, calmer shape.

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